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Participation & Sponsorship


Be a Part of It: Largo Special Events Community Partnership Opportunities in Largo Central Park and other Largo Parks

  • Exposure to thousands of local families that attend our events and recreation programs
  • Ability to give out samples and/or coupons
  • Give back to the community

Special Events Community Partner Interest Form

Be a Part of It: Largo Community Building Opportunities
Are you looking for ways to give back to your community?

Be a Part of It: Largo Sponsorship Opportunities at Largo Parks
Largo Parks Division gives people multiple ways to add your personal touch to our Largo Parks and events. This is your opportunity to truly put your personal touch into your community.
Call the Largo Parks division at 727-586-7415

Largo Recreation, Parks and Arts Department seeks to solicit event sponsorship from various community organizations and businesses. Businesses that duplicate services the Department offers may not participate in facility events.
Businesses that promote the following are not permitted at City events:
  • Alcohol-related products
  • Cigarette/ and tobacco-related products
  • Adult entertainment venues
  • Guns 
Other Policy Information:
  • Sponsors are permitted to handout marketing materials such as key chains, pens, business cards, and other items. 
  • Sponsors will stay in their allotted booth area. Soliciting in un-designated areas will result in immediate removal from the event and could prevent future sponsorship opportunities.
  • Sponsors are not permitted to sell items. Vendors must be set up with the City and have prior written approval by the Recreation, Parks and Arts Department.