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Donation Request

Complete a Donation Request Form

Are you part of an organization hosting an event that you think the City of Largo should be a part of? Largo Recreation is pleased to announce we accept donation requests. Donations are most often awarded to those events and organizations that align with the Recreation, Parks, and Arts Strategic Plan.  

As resources are limited, events and organizations must meet the parameters listed below. If qualified, submit the request form with all supporting documentation at least 30 days before the event. Once all documentation is submitted, we will take your request into consideration and get back to you as soon as possible. Please be advised that this is only a request and does not guarantee a donation on behalf of the City of Largo.

  • Must be a school non-profit organization or an event that benefits the City of Largo or raises awareness about facilities.   
  • Must be a recurring customer of City of Largo facilities, have been a customer within the last year, or are a Largo-based organization. (Priority is given to those with a standing relationship with the City of Largo.)  
  • Must recognize the City of Largo for the donation.
  • Must submit the request form and all required documentation at least 30 days prior to the event date.
Complete a Donation Request Form