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The Urban Forest is a collection of public and privately owned trees within the City of Largo. Trees clean the air, provide a habitat for wildlife and enhance our general quality of life.
Neighborwoods Tree Steward
  • Forest your neighborhood
  • Beautify your neighborhood
  • Homeowners sign up for two free trees each (twelve species available; Live Oak, Red Maple, Southern Magnolia, Sycamore, Slash Pine, Bald Cypress, Red Cedar, Turkey Oak, Pignut Hickory, Sweetbay Magnolia, Sweetgum, Dahoon Holly)
  • Volunteer assistance for planting available
  • Trees delivered to each home on the weekend
To get started, call 727-586-7415 or email
Mayors Tree Planting Program
Mayor's Street Tree Planting Program-Launched in 2004 has been successful at planting over 4,500 new trees within the City of Largo.

Resource for Florida Friendly Landscaping
Florida Friendly Landscape Plants