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City of Largo 
Recreation, Parks & Arts Department 
Participant Code of Conduct 

This  code of conduct is intended to encourage behavior that supports the Department’s mission to create memorable experiences at our parks and facilities in an environment that is safe and welcoming for all participants. 

 The Recreation, Parks & Arts Department will uphold all state laws and local ordinances with regard to public behavior. 

 1.  A person violating any of the following rules will first be given a verbal warning and then asked to leave the facility. 

 2.  If a person repeatedly violates the code of conduct, a suspension will be issued by the Department. The time period of the suspension will depend on the nature of the incident and/or previous offenses.

  • Suspensions will be for one month, six months or one year.

  • When a suspension is issued, it will apply to participation at all City of Largo Recreation, Parks & Arts facilities.

  • The participant will be notified verbally and in writing.

  • If the participant is a minor, a phone call will be made to the parent, followed by written notification of the suspension.

  • Staff will send an email notification to the department notifying other department staff members of the suspension.

  • If the participant has a department membership, a notification will be placed on their household. 

3. In the event of violent behavior or behavior that violates a state law or local ordinance, the participant may be issued a trespass. 

  • A trespass may only be authorized by the facility manager.

  • The trespass applies only to the facility which authorized the trespass.   

  • In the event the participant is not permitted at other city facilities or parks, a department suspension should also be issued following the steps above.

  • When a trespass is issued, it becomes a police record and is in force until a request to rescind is made by the Recreation, Parks  & Arts Department to the Police Department. 

Recreation, Parks & Arts staff members will investigate each situation individually and reserve the right to implement any of the above disciplinary measures. 

The following behaviors, as well as other behaviors which disrupt the use of the facility or park, are unacceptable and prohibited: 

  • loitering without purpose or intent to engage in activity or agency services;

  • abusive, disruptive, obscene or threatening language/behavior;

  • threatening, bullying or harassing staff or patrons;

  • physically harming staff or patrons;

  • smoking/vaping inside city facilities;

  • possession of personal alcohol on city premises;

  • possession of illegal drugs;

  • possession of a weapon when alcohol is served or without a permitted;

  • interfering with another personal’s use of the facility/park or with staff/volunteers performance of duties;

  • solicitation for goods, services or money within the facility or park and its immediate grounds;

  • damaging or defacing facility or park property;

  • inappropriate attire;

  • theft;

  • improper use of the internet;

  • failure to respond to the instructions of Recreation Parks and Arts staff 

Any suspension or trespass may be appealed to the Department Director whose decision will be final.