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Traveling Naturalists from the Friends of the Largo Nature Parks offer these programs in your classrooms, or at our park as part of your field trip. All of our Traveling Naturalists are approved by Pinellas County Schools as speakers and have completed the necessary background checks. To help defray costs The Friends of the Largo Nature Parks request a donation of $3 per student.

Raptors and Man
Students will see a variety of live raptors up close and personal while learning about their unique adaptations, habitat, and ecological niche! This program covers a range of topics to include: the role of raptors in waste management and pest control, indicator species, threats, and conservation efforts. Grades 1-12

Fiddler Crab Study
Students will study live fiddler crabs in their mud burrows and in containers that allow close safe, examination. They will learn about feeding habits, natural predators, food web position, and the ethics of capture and release. The field trip would include a walking tour of their native habitat. Grades K-12

Fluid Earth
This interactive program allows students to create point and non-point pollution of ground and surface waters. Focus will be on environmental damage, prevention, and cures. They will learn about watersheds, estuaries, and coastal systems. Grades 1-12

Oceans of Trash
Students will learn about the sources of marine debris, the environmental/economic impact, prevention efforts, and clean up efforts. Through several activities, students will experience the impact of debris on wildlife and habitat. Grades K-12

Visiting Critters
This program is customized for each visit based on the curriculum and student interest. We have some live specimens and several excellent non- live specimens, scat, skeletons, skins, and numerous other visual props. Our presentation will connect each critter to native habitat, prey, predators, and environmental challenges. Grades K-12

Sensing Things
Students will use their senses to detect and identify Florida wildlife. We use smell, touch, and vision to learn about native animals and how they live. Fun Guaranteed! Grades K-3

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