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Donate to the Park and our Birds

Park Donations

George McGough Nature Park is part of the City of Largo. The City's parks department maintains the nature center and the park grounds. If you would like to donate to the park, you can either send a check made out to McGough Nature Park, to our address: 11901 146th Street, Largo, FL  33774, or call and donate via credit card over the phone by calling 727-518-3047

Birds of Prey Donations

All of the birds of prey at McGough Nature Park are cared for, and funded by the volunteer group, Friends of Largo Nature. 100% of all funds raised by Friends goes to food and veterinary care for our non-releasable hawks, owls, and "Sarge" our American bald eagle. If you would like to donate to Friends, you can either send a check, made out to Friends of Largo to the McGough Park address, 11901 146th Street, Largo, FL  33774. 
Or you can donate via Paypal on the Friends of Largo