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Volunteer Information

Largo's Recreation, Parks and Arts Volunteer program includes over 300 registered volunteers performing more than 120 different jobs. If you're interested in volunteering, fill out an interest form. Current volunteers log your hours here.



12500 131st St N | Call (727)518-3024 for more information | Interest Form

Softball Scorekeeper
Stay active & involved by scorekeeping adult slow pitch softball. Essential responsibilities include taking batting lineups & keeping score of the game. Scorekeepers will also be responsible for starting the game clock.

The position will be weeknights only. Maximum three games per night beginning at 6:30pm. No previous experience required! Just have an interest in sports and you will be able to excel in this position.

400 Alt Keene Rd | Call (727)518-3131 for more information | Interest Form
Greeter and Snack Bar Assistant
To contribute to the quality of customer service provided at the Community Center by assuming some of the responsibility for front line contact with participants and visitors. The Greeter/Snack Bar Assistant will accomplish this by maintaining a positive and welcoming presence at the Greeter/Snack Bar station during all shifts, initiating contact with each entering patron or visitor, warmly engaging with individuals who have questions about the Center and its programs and providing efficient and friendly service during all transactions.

Tour Guide

Tour Guides will accomplish this by learning a short “script” about the facility highlighting the innovations in design and many uses of the building. They will also stay current on regularly scheduled programs and special events to provide the most current information to all guests.

Decorating Crew
To assist staff with decorating the facility seasonally and the ballroom or other areas for special events.

Kitchen Crew
To reduce the burden of extra staffing during large food oriented events and help keep these types of programs cost effective. The Kitchen Crew member will accomplish this by agreeing to work a minimum of one, four hour shift per month, arriving in a timely fashion as scheduled and assisting the Senior Program Specialist as directed.

To assist staff with promotion of Community Center programs at area apartments, mobile home parks, condo associations and independent/assisted living complexes.

The Volunteer Ambassadors will accomplish this by making sure that all marketing materials for the Community Center (ex: Largo Lantern, Play! catalog, fliers, etc.) are current and easily available for other residents. The Ambassadors will meet regularly as a group with the Program Manager and/or Program Supervisor to learn detailed information about upcoming programs and events. Ambassadors will actively look for opportunities to speak with personally or invite members of the Largo Recreation, Parks and Arts Department to speak with residents about upcoming recreation or education opportunities.

For more information about Community Center opportunities, call (727)518-3131.

105 Central Park Dr | Call (727)587-6751 for more information | Interest Form


Ushers are responsible for assisting CPPAC staff with patron safety and security by helping to direct patrons to their seats, monitoring the theatre for issues or emergencies, and supervising the lobby doors. Ushers must be able to provide excellent customer service, remain calm and act quickly in the event of an issue or emergency, and stand for about an hour. Ushers are located in three sections of the theatre: at the base of reserved seating, several aisles up in reserved seating, and on either side of Orchestra VIP seating (if applicable). Some ushers may be asked to hand out programs to patrons, if needed.

Ticket Takers
Ticket takers are responsible for greeting patrons and allowing them into the theatre after verifying their tickets. They must be able to provide excellent customer service and stand for about thirty minutes. They are located at either entrance to the theatre.

Concessions Sales
Concessions volunteers are responsible for serving food and beverage refreshments to patrons in a typically fast-paced environment. They must be able to provide excellent customer service, work quickly and accurately, handle cash sales, and closely follow CPPAC policies and procedures. In addition, they must have solid communication and organizational skills, and a working knowledge of basic mixed drinks. They are located in the Concessions area and are open an hour prior to performance time, as well as during intermission (if applicable).

Head Ushers
Head Ushers carry the same responsibilities as Ushers, with the following additions: verifying volunteer attendance, assigning lobby rotation, addressing volunteer concerns (e.g., dress code, late arrivals, volunteer seating, etc.), serving as point of contact between volunteers and staff, quickly and effectively addressing patron concerns and seeking staff support if needed, and assisting in Concessions if needed. Head Ushers will be on the move until a performance begins, and must be able to display confidence and act quickly.

Box Office Will Call
Will Call volunteers are responsible for assisting CPPAC staff with handing out will call tickets—tickets which have already been paid for. They should be able to provide excellent customer service and follow CPPAC policies and procedures for ticket retrieval. They spend the duration of their shift in the Box Office with a staff member.

Merchandise Sales
Merchandise volunteers are only needed occasionally, and are responsible for assisting CPPAC staff with the sales of artist merchandise. They should be able to handle cash sales and provide excellent customer service. Their shifts will include pre- and post-show times as well as intermission, if applicable. They spend the duration of their typically fast-paced shift with a staff member.

Office Reception
Office reception volunteers are the only volunteers at CPPAC who have non-performance shifts. They assist CPPAC staff with answering the main office phone and directing calls, greeting visitors, and light non-computer-related clerical work as needed. They should be able to provide excellent customer service and sit for several hours. An office reception volunteer shift is typically one single day per week, every week, from 10am-2pm (though this can be adjusted within office hours). Due to the consistent nature of this position, shifts are limited in availability.

12500 131st St N | Call (727)518-3024 for more information | Interest Form

Responsible for the set up and or closing of the course, starting golfers from the first tee and making sure all golfers are paid and keeping golfers informed of rules and regulations.

Responsible for directing the flow of traffic on the course, enforcing facility rules, assisting customers with course etiquette, alerting management to any golf course problems and assist players with any course problems.

Light Maintenance
Assist with preparing and maintaining golf course greens, fairways, and any cleanup required around the golf course.

400 Highland Ave. NE | Call (727)518-3016 for more information | Interest Form
Fitness Center Door Greeter

Greet patrons entering Highland’s fitness center. Ensure patrons are scanning their Rec Card for entrance into the amenity.

Largo Teen Volunteer
Responsible for the setup and or tear down of events (Tables, chairs, equipment). Sell drinks at major Largo Central Park events. Provide crafts, games, and support staff with special events throughout the year. Community clean up of local parks. Monthly meetings during the school year. Other duties as assigned.

13120 Vonn Rd | Call (727)518-3125 for more information | Interest Form
Youth Athletic League Coach

Youth athletic league coaches will assist with coaching teams for our 6 week long recreational sport leagues. The sports rotate between basketball, cheerleading, flag football, and arena flag football. Coaches are responsible for teaching children the fundamentals of these sports in a safe environment that promotes good sportsmanship. Practices are held on Tuesdays between 6-9p and games are held on Thursdays between 6-9p.

101 Central Park Dr | Call (727)587-6740 x5014 for more information | Interest Form
Greeter & VIP Area

Volunteer will keep VIP Area stocked with snacks/drinks, clean and presentable and also check badges for admittance. Volunteer will be Customer Friendly and provide top notch service to our special VIPs.

Activity Guide
Volunteer will run or assist with running an activity, during the event. Activities vary per event, but could include arts and crafts, inflatables, face painting, etc. Volunteer should never leave area unattended.

Set-Up & Tear Down
Volunteer will assist staff in setting up or tearing down an event, including decorations, tables, chairs, activities.

Survey Taker
Volunteer will help pass out surveys about the event, to promote feedback on how to create better Memorable Experiences.

11901 146th St N | Call (727)518-3047 for more information | Interest Form
Bird of Prey

Duties include the cleaning of our hawk, owl and eagle habitats/cages, washing water and feed bowls, preparing food and handling the birds for education and enrichment.

Park Maintenance
Duties include light trimming of bushes and small trees, pulling weeds around the bird habitats, or litter cleanup around the nature center.