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Family Fun Run Series

VIRTUAL Fun Family 5K and Pool Party - Saturday, July 25 at 8am - Details of race below!
Halloween Glow Fun Run - Saturday, October 3 at 8pm
LOCATION: Highland Complex
COST:  $10/person or $20/family/group, up to four

Join us for a series of fun runs to keep you exercising as a family. Each fun run will have a special twist to keep them fun and engaging. Dress up, get silly, and have a blast running along the beautiful grounds of Highland Recreation. Pre-registration is strongly recommended. Registration form is required for each runner and can be done at any of our three facilities.

Virtual Fun Family 5K & Pool Party Registration Form

Register online
using the activity numbers below: 
VIRTUAL Fun Family 5K and Pool Party - 271710
Halloween Glow Fun Run - 371709

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