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Protesting and Distribution of Information Policy

The City of Largo recognizes the freedom of speech, press, and public assembly within Largo Central Park, including the Central Park Performing Arts Center, and Ulmer Park (the “Parks”). The City of Largo seeks to promote free speech while maintaining a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. To do so, the City of Largo regulates the time, place, and manner of speech in the Parks with this Policy and the Recreation, Parks & Arts Department Code of Conduct. Free speech, in general, is allowed anywhere in the Parks, so long as it does not unreasonably impair the atmosphere of peace and tranquility maintained in wilderness, natural, historic, or commemorative zones, interfere with City programmatic or administrative activities, substantially impair the operation of public facilities or services, or present a clear and present danger to the public health and safety. To that end, any individual or group wishing to use the Parks to exercise their right to free speech must do so in accordance with this Policy and the Code of Conduct.

  • Any public areas within the Parks that are closed to the public are not available for free speech activities unless and until such areas are reopened to the public. This includes but is not limited to when areas of the Parks are closed for maintenance, construction, or a private event. An event is considered a private event if there is a visible, meaningful distinction setting the event venue apart from the publicly accessible areas of the Parks and the attendance is limited so the general public is not allowed to attend.

  • Persons using the Parks for free speech activities requiring set-up, as described below,  must stay in the designated set-up areas, outlined in the figures below, away from the Parks’ entrances, and may not block walking paths or stand in the way of people approaching or exiting the Parks, including the entrances and exits of the Central Park Performing Arts Center. Set-up activities include: 

    • Holding a demonstration or distributing printed or other informational matters

    • Setting up a booth or table;

    • Using obstructive or distracting equipment (i.e., tables, banners, platforms, costumes, signs, etc.); or

    • Collecting signatures for petitions. 

  • No person can use any part of the parking lots or drive aisles for free speech activity. No person can use the interior of the Central Park Performing Arts Center for free speech activity unless they have rented a facility inside the center. All individuals conducting free speech activities will be treated equally. As long as Policy and Code of Conduct criteria and requirements are met, no group wishing to assemble lawfully will be discriminated against or denied the right of assembly. 

  •  Persons using the Parks to conduct free speech activity may not harass any individual at the Parks. “Harass” is defined as to create an unpleasant or hostile situation, especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct, including touching or following. 

  •  Persons using the Parks for free speech activity may bring one table up to eight feet long and two folding chairs. These items may only be placed within the Parks in one of the set-up areas designated in the figures below. 

  •  Persons using the Parks for free speech activity may not set up tents or umbrellas. Signs and posters cannot be affixed to City of Largo property. Any signs presented by persons using the Parks for free speech activity must be no larger than 11” x 17” in size. Sound amplification equipment, such as microphones, megaphones, public address systems, and speakers, may not be used within the Parks. 

  •  Any person using the Parks for free speech activity who brings items including but not limited to tables, chairs, equipment, and signage, to the park grounds shall remove all such items from the Parks upon their departure.  

  • Persons using the Parks to conduct free speech activity shall only do so during the hours when the Parks are open to the public. 

  • The City of Largo and the Recreation, Parks & Arts Department do not endorse the opinions, activities, or solicitations of any person using the Parks for free speech activity. If any person using the Parks for free speech activity represents that the City or the RPA Department endorses their opinions, activities, or solicitations, such person may be subject to immediate removal from the Parks.   

  • Failure to comply with the Recreation, Parks & Arts Department Code of Conduct and the terms of this Policy will result in immediate dismissal from the Parks and/or notification of the Largo Police Department.  

  • In the event a person using the Parks for free speech activity is dismissed from the Parks as a result of their failure to comply with the Code of Conduct or this Policy, such person may seek an appeal within 14 calendar days of their dismissal by submitting a written complaint to the City of Largo at 201 Highland Avenue, Largo, Florida 33770. The City shall have 14 calendar days to respond to the complaint. 

Largo Central Park & the Central Park Performing Arts Center 

Area 1: Corner of East Bay Drive and Seminole Blvd
Area 2: Grassy area near sidewalk entrance from Lot 1 into Largo Central Park
Area 3: Corner of Easy Bay Drive and Largo Central Park Drive

map 1

Ulmer Park

Area 1: Grassy area on the NW corner of the park property and West Bay Drive

map 2