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Barbara Bush Citizen Patriot Award

The City of Largo has a long tradition of honoring our community’s population of veterans. Those who have served our country through military deployment deserve recognition, respect, and dedicated service from our communities.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush has demonstrated selfless service to the veteran population of Americans and, in her honor, The Barbara Bush Citizen Patriot Award was created.

This award honors those community members who selflessly serve military veterans in and around the City of Largo.

Former Recipient: In 2017, Dava Guerin was awarded the first Barbara Bush Citizen Patriot Award. An author and advocate for wounded warriors and their families, Guerin co-authored several works with Kevin Ferris which shed new light on the the so many men and women affected by military deployment. Unbreakable Bonds: The Mighty Moms and Wounded Warriors of Walter Reed and Vets and Pets: Wounded Warriors and the Animals That Help Them Heal both highlight the challenges that families face when a service member returns from war. These works bring public awareness to veteran issues, igniting further support for families.

- Preference will be given to a Largo resident
- Nominee must support local veterans in Pinellas County, preferably through an organization
- Must exhibit passion through service
- Can not receive personal monetary gains through this service

Awards will be given at the City of Largo’s annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the James S. Miles and Richard A. Leandri Military Court of Honor in Largo Central Park. It is requested that recipients are in attendance on November 11, 2019.







Please summarize how the nominee has impacted the City of Largo’s community of veterans:

How has the nominee made a difference?

Why should this nominee be considered?

Does the nominee meet the criteria?

Are there any other details about the nominee which should be shared with the award selection committee?