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Largo Palooza Brings Local Talent to Largo Community Center

This is a fun summer concert series featuring up-and-coming singers from around our area! Our theme for this series is Women of Distinction, since all four shows have a strong female lead. 

Amy Nance
Amy Nance: Unapologetically Amy
July 2 @ 7p, $10
An eclectic collection of songs, powerhouse vocals, and amazing stage presence combine to make this a show you won't want to miss! 
Erica Scaglione Erica Scaglione: Living Room Live!
August 6 @ 7p, $10
Featuring songs from Camila Cabello, Amy Winehouse, Elton John, and much more, this show brings the intimacy of a living-room concert to the big stage.
Joy Gann Joy Gann: Ode to Music
September 3 @ 7p - $10
Join Joy Gann, her band, and her multiple guest singers as they take you on a journey through your favorite music.