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School Field Trips and Classes

George C. McGough Park offers a number of nature programs for students. You can choose from three different, hour and a half nature programs, which can be split into two 45min sessions for large groups and are suitable to students from grades K-12. The cost is $4 per student and includes a cup of turtle food for each child. Chaperones are free.

After your presentations are done you are free to explore the Park and the Nature Center. Including our turtle pond, playground with a zip-line, and nature trail and boardwalk. Or relax at one of our shelters and enjoy lunch.

Programs we offer

Animal Kingdom 101
Learn the basics of zoology: warm and cold-blooded, species characteristics, habitat, and diet. Our snakes, turtles, and birds will be waiting in the wings to greet your class.
Suitable for Grades K-12 

Beaks, Talons, Feathers- The Physics of Flight
Students will explore the adaptations that allow birds to take to the air and survive in their wild habitats. Some of our resident owls and hawks will make an appearance in your class.
Suitable for Grades K-12

In Cold Blood- The Story of Reptilians
Whether they slither, wiggle, or crawl, students will explore some of the things that set these species apart from their warm-blooded cousins. See and touch our snakes up close.
Suitable for Grades K-12

Sticks and Stones- Florida Archaeology
The Tocobaga Indians lived in Tampa Bay from the year 900 to the 1500s. Learn about their way of life, what prehistoric animals they hunted, and why they disappeared when the Spaniards came to Florida.
Suitable for Grades K-12

For more information or to call and schedule a field trip you can call us at (727) 518-3047