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McGough Upcoming Events

Invasive Species Removal Day. 
January 27th 10am - 12pm 
Walk through the park with one of the Rangers and remove air potato plants, Caesar weed and Brazilian pepper. Water and gloves will be provided.

Garage Sale 
February 3rd 9am - 12pm 
April 6th 9am - 12pm
Come Browse from some treasures in our always popular garage sales.
Or buy a table for $10 and sell your treasures. Call 727-518-3047

Spring Crafts and Gift Sale
March 16th 9am - 12pm 
Browse through Spring gifts, crafts & plants to help decorate your home for the spring.
If you are a crafter or seller, buy a table for $10 to sell some of your items.
(Items must be Spring/Easter themed---plants, gardening, summer wear, Spring crafts, etc.) 
Call 727-518-3047

Tree Day 
April 27th 9am - 1pm 
To celebrate Earth Day, come and pick up a free tree of your choice (1 per person). 
Tree species will be determined at a later date.