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Lightning Detector

In an effort to ensure the health and safety of residents and visitors, the Recreation, Parks and Art Department utilizes real-time, site-specific weather data from the Perry Weather system. This helps our team members clearly understand when and why Largo activities may be impacted. 

Please note: The lightning detection system gives an all-clear of the area after 30 minutes. The time listed on this website is from the last strike detected. The countdown clock is reset with each strike detected.

Highland Recreation Complex
Southwest Recreation Complex

The alert will sound a horn for 15 seconds, and a message will play "Lightning has been detected in our area. Please seek shelter immediately." A strobe light will go off on the system while the facility is in a weather delay.

Patrons are asked to seek shelter until the system is in an all clear. When the facility/complex is out of delay, three horns will sound and an alert will play "All clear, lightning is out of the area you may return to your activities"